I am a Hungarian mezzo-soprano living in Budapest, singing across Europe both as a soloist and an ensemble singer. 

I was born in a small Hungarian village in a loving family where I was encouraged to follow my instincts and passions. I inherited musicality from my Mother, Grandfather and Great Grandmother whose beautiful voices still ring in my ears. Keeping their memory during my studies, music making became my passion, and singing became the greatest challenge. 

In my early professional years I was very lucky to have the greatest colleagues, teachers and conductors whose gentle lead helped me to find my path I should follow. 

Today, beside my various solo performances, I have the privilege to be member of some great ensembles like the Netherlands Bach Society (Shunske Sato), Cantica Aeterna (Péter Mészáros) and NEKED8 (Sára Dezső & Lajos Fodré). The repertoire I am singing covers from renaissance to contemporary music. This gives me the possibility to keep fresh and flexible.

solo singer

ensemble singer

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musical leader

“I’m passionate to feel how music touches the audience in a concert.”